The Status Update That Cost $80,000

You’ve probably seen the headlines. “Single Facebook Post Unravels $80,000 Settlement.” “Girl costs father $80,000 with ‘SUCK IT’ facebook post.” I first saw the story first on – surprise, surprise – Facebook. In case you didn’t catch the story, the basic facts are these: Several years ago, a private prep school in Florida, Gulliver Schools, […]

No Joy In Mudville: Workers Strike Out While Insurers Applaud Reduced Workers’ Comp Premiums

Several weeks ago the Maine Bureau of Insurance recommended an average decrease of 7.7% in premiums charged to Maine employers for workers’ compensation insurance.  John Leonard, the CEO of MEMIC, which controls over 60% of the comp insurance market here in Maine, declared that he was “elated” and that “There is joy and jubilation in this […]