Embracing Solidarity for All

From the time of the firm’s founding in 1976, McTeague Higbee has been a union law firm. Our identity has been forged and reinforced through decades of representing shipbuilders, papermakers, electricians, plumbers and pipefitters, carpenters, laborers and other workers who have been fortunate enough to belong to a union. Through these years, McTeague Higbee has […]

In Memoriam

Monday, April 28th, is Workers’ Memorial Day.  A day where unions, brothers, sisters and others get together to mourn the loss of those who have lost their lives due to a workplace injury.   This past year, 22 workers in Maine lost their lives while at work.  In a moving event on Friday evening, at the […]

The Status Update That Cost $80,000

You’ve probably seen the headlines. “Single Facebook Post Unravels $80,000 Settlement.” “Girl costs father $80,000 with ‘SUCK IT’ facebook post.” I first saw the story first on – surprise, surprise – Facebook. In case you didn’t catch the story, the basic facts are these: Several years ago, a private prep school in Florida, Gulliver Schools, […]